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Graduation Requirements

Fargo Public School District requires 24 credits for a student to be eligible for graduation.
Students are required by the State of North Dakota to receive a passing score on the Civics Exam.

English 4 Credits

English 1 (1 credit)

English 2 or Accelerated English 2 (1 credit)

English 3 or AP English Language & Composition (1 credit)

English 4 or AP English Literature & Composition (1 credit)

Science 3 Credits

Physical Science (1 credit)

Biology (1 credit)

Elective Science Credit (1 credit)

Physical Education 1.5 Credits

PE 1 (.5 credit)

PE2 (.5 credit)

PE Elective (.5 credit)

Electives 6 Credits

Math 3 Credits

Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Introduction & Conclusion (1 credit)

Geometry or Information Geometry (1 credit)

Other Math Credit (1 credit)

Social Studies 3 Credits

Western Civilization or AP European History (1 credit)

Modern US History or AP US History (1 credit)

Government or AP Government & Politics (.5 credit)

Economics or AP Micro/Macroeconomics (.5 credit)

Health .5 Credit

Health (.5 credit)

Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Career & Technical Education 3 credits

Graduation requirements are minimum standards. Students are encouraged to take additional courses during the school year and summer school sessions.

To participate in graduation exercises, a student must have met all of the requirements for graduation.

Each student must carry a minimum of 6 credits each year, grades 9 through 12.

This minimum load DOES NOT include credits earned in summer school.

Suggested Four-Year College Preparatory Curriculum

The minimum suggested requirements for four-year college preparation are listed below. It is important to check specific college requirements early in your high school planning. Some courses do NOT meet requirements for four-year colleges. Check with your counselor for further information.

Credits      Subject

4                 English/Language Arts – English 1, 2, 3, 4

3+               Mathematics – Algebra 1 and higher

3+                Laboratory Sciences – Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics

3-4               Social Sciences – U.S. History, Western Civilization, Government, Economics

2                   Fine Arts – Orchestra, Choir, Band, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Humanities

2                   Foreign Language (required by some colleges)

**Additional requirements may vary considerably by College or University**