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Constitution and By Laws

The purpose of the Fargo South High School (FSHS) Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize alumni and/or FSHS personnel. Recipients must have brought special recognition to themselves or the school by demonstrating high qualities of character and leadership during or following their time at FSHS. The award can also be given to others who have given meritorious service to FSHS.


A. The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of no fewer than eleven(11) and no more than fifteen 15 members. The members will consist of the following:
  1. The Principal of Fargo South High School or designee.
  2. The Activities Director of Fargo South High School or designee.
  3. Two current activity advisors or coaches appointed by the Principal.
  4. One person from the Bruin Booster Club appointed by the Principal.
  5. One FSHS teacher (not involved in activities) appointed by Principal.
  6. One member representing each decade of the school's existence. (67-77, 78-87, 88-97), who is selected by the committee as a whole.
  7. Two at-large community representatives who are appointed by majority selection from the committee as a whole.
B. All committee members will have full voting privileges concerning committee action.
C. The committee shall elect the following officers on an annual basis: Vice-chairperson, and secretary/treasurer. A simple majority of those in attendance is necessary to elect an officer. Chairperson's position will be the principal of Fargo South High School.
D. Terms of membership to the committee shall be three (3) years and no more than two (2) consecutive terms. The committee will determine a method to stagger the number of members being replaced each year.
E. Committee members and officers may be re-appointed or re-elected after a three (3) year absence.
F. The official year for the committee will be November 1st to October 31st .
G. The Hall of Fame Committee may conduct official business when a quorum of 60% of the committee members are present. The by-laws may be changed with a quorum of 75% of the committee members present.
H. The purpose of the committee is to solicit candidates for the Hall of Fame and then select nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame. This committee shall also review the constitution and by-laws on an annual basis to see if additions or corrections should be made.
I. The Board of Directors will determine the need for additional sub-committees (ie. induction ceremony, awards, promotions, finances, etc.)


A. Alumni
  1. Have brought special recognition to themselves and/or to FSHS because of successful endeavors.
  2. Have demonstrated high qualities of character and leadership during attendance and following graduation from FSHS.
  c.. May not be considered for nomination until at least ten (10) years following their graduation from FSHS.
B. Personnel: Be an individual (ie. teacher, principal, coach, advisor, staff) who through personal endeavor, leadership, and sacrifice over a period of years, has made an extraordinary contribution to the success of FSHS.

The selection committee has the latitude to make exceptions to the above mentioned criteria.


1. Names for nomination may be submitted to the committee at anytime by anyone.
2. The first five years, 2000-2005, the committee may induct a maximum of eight (8) and a minimum of three (3) individuals per year to the Hall of Fame. After 2005 a maximum of five (5) and minimum three (3) individuals per year may be inducted each year..
3. To be inducted to the FSHS Hall of Fame, the person must be nominated and seconded by someone on the committee. If a person is on the ballot and has not received any votes during a five year period, he/she will be removed from the list. That person may be re-nominated in the future. To be reinstated as a candidate the nominee must receive a minimum of 75% of the secret votes of those present.
4. In the event that a committee member is being considered as a candidate for the FSHS Hall of Fame, the committee member is not to vote when his or her name comes up for vote.
5. The selection committee will meet in April to select the inductees for the coming year.
6. The FSHS Hall of Fame committee will present the inductee with an appropriate award. The inductee will also be recognized in a manner determined by the committee.

The FSHS Hall of Fame committee will select the awards and will secure the financing for awards, the ceremony and committee expenses.